Thursday, August 08, 2013

Another Lake

Left Saratoga Lake and headed south toward Denver. We had checked out this parking area on one of our day trips and came back. Had a pretty sunset on Cowdrey Lake.
The view of the mountains across the lake was nice. The one patch of snow toward the left was heart shaped. Romantic.

There were white pelicans and maybe loons, although we never heard them. Lots of bugs so we stayed inside and caught up on our internet time with 4G. The flowers were pretty too.
 We had planned on only one night but a WIN friend, Karen Lesco, called early in the morning and invited us to dinner. She was going to her cabin 18 miles away later that day. So we unhitched the car and went to a little town south of us. Walden had a museum with 28 small rooms just crammed with stuff. Found this ball made of bolts very interesting.

Liked this huge lighter. See the small one?What's this you ask? A movie projector powered by a furnace? (on the back)

We were also geocaching and while we didn't look for this cache it was called on "Walden Pond". Wasn't there a movie named that?
And finally a moose sighting.
Across from the town of Cowdrey we could see sand dunes and it was a BLM recreation area. We went back to see it but really couldn't find the big section.
 Dinner at Karen's cabin and a wonderful visit finished out stay in Cowdrey, CO.

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