Sunday, August 18, 2013

Top of the Rockies Byway

Along days drive but you couldn't ask for a prettier drive. We put 283 miles on the Jeep. Went to Gunnison about an hour away then headed north for Crested Butte. Pretty view.
 At Crested Butte we came across this warrior slaying the dragon.
Heading west from there along a sometimes dirt road we saw this field of wild flowers with aspen for a back drop.

 Then the mountain views. Traveling among the 14er's.

I guess even Colorado is in a drought

 Thru a valley of "more red rock" on Crystal River. Guess that's why the name of the town was Redrock.

There were coke ovens there. They are restoring them for the history.

 Another rusty bird.
 After Aspen we headed across the 
Narrow winding roads.

Pretty scenery at every turn.

Old mines.

 Climbing higher & higher.
 Until we came to the other side and saw Twin Lakes.

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