Monday, September 02, 2013


We moved to Bluewater State Park a little west of Grants, NM for the holiday weekend arriving on Thursday. When we arrived no one was on the gate so we parked where the sign said "Primitive Camping". 
We checked out the area close to the water but decided it looked too soft if rain should occur and every afternoon this time of the year there are "monsoons". Anything from about a dozen sprinkles to a gully washer. When we did finally see a ranger he said we were wise to park up here as the weekenders would be crowded around the lake shore.
And sure enough they were.
Then on Sunday we got hit with a gully washer.
We were glad we were up high. They will all be leaving Labor Day to go back to their homes in Albuquerque and we will be like the first picture. We bought the "annual pass" for $225 and next summer we will be staying in the NM state parks for free for two weeks at a time. Moving between them. We are planning on starting in April and our pass is good until Sept. 30th 2014. It will be cheap camping and we can save some money for our future travels.


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