Wednesday, September 04, 2013

El Morrow & Zuni

The R&R time was up so we decided to take a long drive. Across the lake there is another camping area so we went to check it out. Right in the center of the picture is our motorhome setting all by itself.
 We continued on thru the Cibola National Forest on dirt roads and wonderful smelling pine trees. We geocached along the way and one was near this old deserted cabin & corral.
  Back out on the highway we spotted this rusty horse. We were heading to El Morro where for centuries people who passed by could obtain water. There no longer is a charge and we took the .5 mile hike out to see the pool and inscriptions.

 They are monitoring this rock and we kinda ran by it so it wouldn't fall on us.
 Heading toward the Suni Pueblo we passed some pretty rock formations.

We stopped for linner at this restaurant and as usual we invited someone to sit with us. Elizabeth was a wonderful dinner companion. She is a teacher support person from California and works with all the native schools in the area.

Continuing on we passed another formation and this one had an arch to the right of the picture.

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Anonymous said...

So good to have dinner with you guys! Hope your journey out of Zuni was wonderful.