Saturday, September 07, 2013

El Malpais National Monument

Another day trip. This one to where the lava once flowed.
 High on a sandstone cliff we could look down on the lava field.

Ancestral peoples lived here.

As usual we went geocaching. One was in the Joe Steen's campground. We saw a 5th wheel there that we had seen at Bluewater so stopped to say "hi" as his rig had a "Low's" sticker. He told us that 3 other rigs here were also Low's. Loner's on Wheels is a singles rv club that Donna once belonged to and lo & behold she found 3 friends. Nancy McKenna, Micky Tanner and Sandra Carptenter. Had a nice chat with the ladies before heading on to see more of the park
 A neat sandstone formation.

One of NM largest arches.
 Flaura & Fauna.
Took a hike over Lava Falls. Following cairens.
 More pretty sandstone cliffs.


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