Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Showlow Stay

We moved into Arizona. Our first stop is where a lot of the single rver's go and we also own a lot but first we had to cross this lake on the road above St. John's.

The area is between Choncho and Showlow and is on the Mogollon Rim at a higher eleveation and thus cooler. Every afternoon there is a brief shower called the "Monsoon Season." After parking we went to the social hour they have every afternoon.
Afterwards we went out and checked on our lot. The trees have grown. We are about 5 miles away but we chose a lot that had a view of the mountains. We will locate our rv just behind where Bob's head is. We went 3 times to look at the lot as some of the survey markers are missing. After the 3rd time we finally took a tape measure and found "OUR" lot.

We relocated after sinking in the mud. Parked on the road that wasn't developed.

Spaghetti dinner at Patricia's lot. "Hesse House" and breakfast at Diane's.

The sunsets were always nice.

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