Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cottonwood, AZ

Sept 17. 
Since we haven't used our Thousand Trails this summer we decided to come to one of our favorites at Cottonwood to use up our "free" days. We can stay 3 weeks, pay $29 for our week "out" and stay. Then we can stay 3 more weeks. So we will be here for 7 weeks. We have a nurse practionier that we see. Friends we've made in the area. 

Our campsite is beautful too. We wave as people drive by and because they think we are so friendly we get new neighhbors.
Jean was on one side. She is a single lady so we told her about the WIN's and she is going to go to their Dance Rally.
On the other side is Judy and Ken. They are part timers from Salem, OR. Every afternoon we get together for visiting and happy hour.
We did a lot of reading. Went to the music and dance on Friday. Donna went swimming a few times. Bob went shopping and bought new tires and sold the old ones on Craigs List. We went to our nurse practionier for our annual checkup and to get our lab work and other tests.

Our neighbors come and go. Always nice to meet new people. The park opened a restaurant so we went up on Friday for their fish & chips. We also went to the Senior Center one day for the $4 lunch and to see some friends we always would sit with. 

We visited with Larry Larson a friend we met in the WIN's. He wanted to hear the saga of Donna getting booted out of the Win's for a comment she made on Facebook. Oh well, we have lots of other groups we belong to and we also enjoying our travels all alone. The friends we made in WIN's will always be our friends. They can't take that away from us.

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