Saturday, October 05, 2013

More Cottonwood

Continuing our stay here at the 1000 Trails we got new neighbors, Mary & Tom,
did more doctoring and a whole bunch of R&R. Reading and Relaxing.

We met with fellow Boomers Diane Fisher and Jim Baker at their campground about 8 miles away. 

When we got back we stopped on "the hill" to meet our friends Jerry and Denise Siegel. While driving down the road we saw two hiker's and of course they too are friends. Randy Vining and Lloyd Treichel. Even tho the desert is big we still find friends wandering around out here.

Bob got his 30 day monitor applied on the 30th and even tho he has triggered it a couple of times when he was dizzy they haven't responded that the problem has been discovered.

Jerry & Denise came down to our campsite one morning and we had a wonderful visit.

Then we all went to the Cliff Casino and Johnny Rockets. After a great lunch we went and gambled. Bob won 15 cents and Donna $69 while Denise hit for $414. We had left to find a couple of caches. Perhaps we should have stayed longer.

Back home we discovered more friends moved in
near us. Terri & Nick Russell who publish the Gypsy Journal and had those wonderful rallies we would work. Nick has written some great books too. Check them out if you like mysteries.

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