Saturday, November 02, 2013

Caching in Ravenland with jeananjoe

We were invited by caching friends "jeananjoe" to find "The Raven's" caches called Indian Jones. We tried a week before but didn't have all the information we needed to go for it. It's a mystery cache and the first one had us going to about 6 or 7 places in the library. Then we had to do some research.
 Someone brought a baby into the library and Donna had a hard time with the noise.
 We had to read the journal with a blacklight flashlight for the clues.
 Then it was on to part two. Jean went with us out to a mine.
Where we found more clues with the blacklight.There were pretty formations like in a cave.
Then we found the cache.
Opening it up we used the clues to open it so we could sign it. We had forgotten a pencil. None inside so Bob had to go back to the car and return to sign the log.
On our way back into town we stopped to find a cache that jeananjoe own that we couldn't find last weekend. Jean had to call Joe to find out for sure where it was and then Bob spotted it. They have hidden 1064 caches in the Prescott/Cottonwood area and Joe knows how to tell you where to find each and every one.

 We met Joe at Texas Longhorn restaurant and treated them to dinner for helping us. Thanks jeananjoe.

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