Monday, November 04, 2013

Beyond Lake Pleasant

We headed south after spending a little over 6 weeks in Cottowood. Our first stop was at Lake Pleasant on the northwest side of Phoenix. We have stayed here before when we were with the WIN's and kayaked on the lake. 
We decided to take a drive to Castle Springs and continue on to Wickenburg. We have a book that shows off roading Jeep trails.
A different view of the lake.
Then we came to the spring area.
It has seen many famous very rich people in it's day but is privately held. Check the link to find more about this place.

Along the way we spotted wildlife.

Pretty scenery. and Hoo Doos. The road got narrower. We had taken the wrong turn and ended up on the hard trails.
Since we were alone Bob turned around. 
We ended up back tracking several times as our cars GPS didn't want to take the short cut to Wickenburg.
We spotted this very interesting cactus.
It's a crested cactus but this was really unusual as it really had two crests.
Speaking of cactus here is a Halloween one. 
Some old cabins, probably near a mine.
 And more great scenery.

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