Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quartzite Rally

We arrived in Quartzsite late in the afternoon after leaving the Freightliner service in Phoenix.
 Had a beautiful desert sunset again.

Chapter 7 of the Escapees has a rally here every year. This is where we met out on the desert almost 8 years ago.We had breakfast in town one day. 

Happy Hours dinner's, games, Care auction were in the tent each day.

We took a trip over to Bouse to visit with Lee and Clay. Checked out one of our geocaches but couldn't find the other two without our hand held GPS's so we stopped at the library and Donna got a pocket query for the area.

One day we drove a dirt trail thru the Yuma Proving Grounds to Ehrenburg. We were stopped along the way so we wouldn't get shot at while they were doing there practicing. We stopped at an rv park and saw Jerry & Alvin then the 4 of us went to Wendy's for lunch.

That evening we went to Somewhere Arizonia a bar in Bouse to listen and dance to one of our favorite bands.Millie was there too.

The rally ended on Friday but we stayed on. There were only 2 rigs left. The other couple drove to Algodones, MX and when they got back we all went to the Yacht Club to listen and dance to Hot Country. Another of our favorite bands. We sat a a table with the owner of the Yacht Club. She is a delightful woman who is 90 years old. Her sons run the club now. We had an enjoyable evening with Jackie & Kaz.

Time to head south. Stayed tuned.

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