Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Back Home in Yuma

Starting Nov 16 we were in Yuma for a total of 17 days. The first 6 days we went to Yuma Lakes campground. It is a perk we get from our 1000 Trails membership. We parked there to be near our friends Jerry & Robi. We were so busy we never even got a picture of them.

Our Boomer friends had a Potluck BBQ at Joy's. There were a bunch of us there.
We would go to Wednesday movies with them and out to dinner. We saw Lost Vegas and it was so funny we want to get the DVD when it comes out.

We went to Wellton with some 4 wheeler's who we met at the BBQ. They were looking for rocks and we were looking for geocaches. 
 Pretty scenery along the way.

We moved to our lot at SKP Kofa Ko-op for the rest of our stay in Yuma. Bob was busy reorganizing the shed and getting ready for the yard sale where he hoped to get rid of a lot of tools. We also reorganized our bays.

We went for dinner at Das Bratwurst Haus with Bob and Nancy who were our table mates on our cruise 7 years ago. They just can't see to shed us. We always enjoy our time with them.
The Boomer's gather for Thanksgiving out at Mittery Lake and we went for a visit. 

Did have a piece of delicious cherry pie. Life is short so we had dessert first then went back home for the big dinner. It was delicious and of course fattening.

We did well at the yard sale. In between all that eating we were going to Algodones, Mexico for our dental work. Bob just needed a cleaning but Donna had to have root canal, crown and an extraction.

Good to go. So we went. We are now back at MM99 where we were 17 days ago. And our first morning we had a wonderful sunrise.

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