Saturday, January 18, 2014


Yes, we are considered Boomer's even if we are 70 plus. It's a state of mind. Boomer are a "BOF" Birds Of a Feather group and they meet out on the desert southeast of Quartzsite every year and met old friends and get new friends. Every afternoon there is Happy Hour and announcements followed by socializing. 
And a Chili Cook-off with judging. Then we all ate chili and pot luck stuff.

There is Escapee Happy Hour for all groups 2 days. Lots of people from Bof's and Chapter's all come. Everyone brings a snack to share. There is music and dancing. Can you spot us? We are front row on the left. Then the national anthem.
 We visited Doreen and Jack one afternoon.
Richard Sturtz visited us one day.
Geocached with Wendy and Mike.
The moon was beautiful out here too.
On to our next gathering….FMCA 4 Wheeler's for 8 days. Stay tuned.

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