Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jeep Rally

The FMCA 4 Wheeler's Club had a week long rally near where we met. We arrived a day early and got a prime site. Nobody could park close to us. They cram their rigs in so close if there ever was a fire in one they would all go. 
Registration and sign ups for trails began. 

Every afternoon there is a social hour with snacks.

On Monday we did the Hogback trail. We lined up on the road near our site. Leader's put a big letter on their roof top and we lined up according to what trail we were going to do for that day. There were over 100 jeeps going on one of 6-8 trails offered for each day. We were second in line.
Came across a memorial.
A beautiful view looking back toward our camping area beyond the mountain in the middle of the picture.
Lunch was at this old shack near Apache Chief Mine.
 Pretty scenery along the way.

Then we went thru washes. Lost the step on the driver's side over one of many rocks we had to climb over.
Our leader lost his fan belt but we were at a point we could go on out while other's stayed to help. We  stopped at Boomerville on our way out and Bob took Terry for a ride in the Jeep and even let him drive.

On Tuesday we did a trail called Diablo North. The mountains to the northwest of Quartzite. We were the tailgunner this time. We all run our CB's and we let the leader know when we pass points and make sure everyone is with the group.

We stop for about an hour. Eat, rest and socialize.

On our way out we spotted this pyramid shape and checked it out with binoculars. It's man made and has a flag on top.

Wednesday's trail was called Tomahawk. We had to drive about 20 miles on AZ95 and I10 just to get to the the starting point. We stopped at a fuel station and topped off and used the rest rooms then we headed out.

We stopped at a place that had petroglyphs.

The site for lunch was awesome. There was a needle and a window.

Pretty cactii and rock cliffs.
And we even did some geocaching after we left the group.
Thursday was a day off from trails. 
Bob did go to a mine with the group.

Then we ran errands.Had dinner with the group at the Senior Center and visited again with Jack & Doreen before heading home.

The last day at the rally we drove the Hillbilly Trail. It was about 30 miles just to start the trail. It was both challenging and pretty. 
We passed mines.
Had our usual hour long lunch break.
Saw lots of cactus.
Including droop arms.
The view from the high point was beautiful if it hadn't been so hazy.

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