Monday, March 03, 2014

Pancho Villa Week #1

Below Deming and 3 miles from the Mexican Border town there is Pancho Villa State Park. We opted for an electric site at $4 a night with our State Park pass. It's on the very south west corner and we have a great view. A pair of owls are very near and we watch them.
We have great sunrises and sunsets.
The border town, Polomas, can be seen out our windshield.
 We walked across and Donna got a filling and xrays done at Lam's Dental Clinic.
Afterwards we went to the Pink Store and met with the LOW's single group who come there every Tuesday for free margaritas and lunch.
 Another day we went to the Tres Hermanas Mtns. for find a geocache behind this big rock.

While there Bob wanted to practice shooting with his revolver.
He was a good shot 14 out of 15 hit the target.

We also had to drive to El Paso to get Bob's passport renewed. We were amazed that he got it in 4 hours. Had linner at Landry's. A bit pricey but delicious.

The rest of our time this week was spent reading.

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