Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pancho Villa Week #2

We had time to do some maintenance work this week. We had to restring our day night shade in the bedroom. Not an easy task but it's done for another couple of years.

It's not all work. We do play (and eat). We had to go back to Adobe Deli to show Marlene & Bob the place. The portions are so big Donna & Marlene split a BBQ sandwich & the Bob's split a Rueben. Just as we were eating Donna Dinges and Lee a friend from the RV park she's staying at joined us.
We have our afternoon happy hours with Marlene, Bob and Sherry & Jack DeArmand, Boomer friends.

There was a celebration called Pancho Villa Days. It started out with a parade of about 200 horses. This represents the 98th year since Pancho Villa led a raid on the people in the US. Gen. George Pershing fought against him and the US Air Force got it's start right here.

 At the Plaza little girls were all dressed up in their finery and there were performers.
We went across the the Pink Store for lunch with Jack & Sherry. They loved dancing to the Mexican band.

Back home we watched the road runner's right outside our door.

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Donna K said...

That looks like a fun and colorful festival.