Friday, March 21, 2014

Rocking Rockhound

On March 12th we moved to Rockhound State Park about 10 miles from Deming, NM for 10 days. We had lots of wind and we were rocking. The place draws rockhounds here and they hike up into the hills and look for special rocks. We just enjoyed the views.
While here Bob took apart Donna's computer and actually baked the mother board to restore the soder and now her computer works.
Nearby is another state park Spring Canyon and we found a geocache here at Lover's Leap.
Bob spotted this 1972 Daystar Motorhome near Deming. There were only 16 made and they sold for $70,000.

Making spaghetti one night Bob decided to use our toaster sideways to toast the Texas Toast we like with it.

About 35 miles east of us was a power trail of caches. 100 all together. We were getting them on average every 2-3 minutes.

 Spotted cattle along the way but not one building or car.
While here we heard about a new website for rver's called RVillage. We joined it and in one week they have garnered over 3000 members. 3 of the members, including us, were here and we had happy hour so we could met each other. Barbara is on the left of Donna and Robert & Diana were on the right.We now have more new friends.


Diana said...

I've been following Barbara's blog for many years. Say hi for me!

Jim said...

Hi Bob & Donna,
Don't miss the great museum in Deming. Safe Travels!\Jim & Mary

Anonymous said...

So great to read this! So glad people are finding each other on!!


Me and My Dog . . . and My RV said...

I loved meeting you both, you're so friendly and welcoming. Thanks for the invite to happy hour - you have a beautiful home! See you soon. :)