Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pancho Villa is a WINner

We returned to Pancho Villa State Park and a few days later the WIN's came and started their NMSP Sundowner. We all went to the Pink Store in Palomas, MX and joined the LOW's group there for the free maragita and lunch.

Another day we went to the two museums in town.  Saw this interesting tricycle.

Inside the state park is the museum that tells about the Pancho Villa battle.
Another day we drove up to the City of Rocks State Park to see friends. Along the way we saw this weathervane.

At the City of Rocks are lots of huge rocks with campsites mingled among them.

Our friends weren't there so we said "HI" in rocks on their doorstep.

Returning to Deming we geocached on back roads. Found this interesting little cemetery. No cache there but thought this tombstone was interesting.
 Of course, this makes us hungery so we stopped at the Adobe Deli. Huge lunches. Lots of leftovers.
Before we went on our journey we had breakfast at Martha's Cafe and this couple, Brent & Rita, who are from back east let us sit at their table and they came over in the evening for a great chat. They even invited us to park on their property above Almagordo. We may take them up on it.

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