Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lots of Rocks

April 4. We stayed 3 nights at Rockhound State Park. Got an electric site for $4 a night. We never sat out or took pictures. Been there and done that. It was very windy. Used our electric heater's, hot water tanks and equalized the batteries. Ate at the Adobi Deli, went to get more wine and take out at the Amigo Deli. On our way out of Deming to go to the City of Rock's State Park we got the motorhome washed. 

Our site at City of Rocks is the same one we had in 2009. We had a wind generator at that time so this time we had to back up into the sun to get enough sun on our panels. It was a bit windy here also.
We took a day trip up to Baynard to get Bob's taxes done at the Library by the AARP people. He gets $27 back. It was his birthday present from the IRS. On the way up and back we ate at the Gateway Restaurant in Hurly. It was recommended by the tax man.

We geocached while waiting for the 10 am appointment. One of the caches took us to this Fort.
We went over a few rough roads and noticed a noise coming from the roof rack. The bracket broke and we found a welding shop. Noticed the other side bracket had a crack so they welded both of them.
Getting back to the state park we saw this snake on the road. Don't think it was a rattlesnake but they are out also.

We had a new neighbor when we got back. We first saw them at the winery, then followed them into Rockhound SP. This time we met them and spent a lovely evening visiting with Brent & Linda from Minnasota. They get away for a few months in the spring or the fall and we told them what not to miss in the 4 Corner's area. We also introduced them to Agavero. Our favorite sipping tequila.
The next day our friend Marlene moved into the site that Brent & Linda and Bob got the one next to her. More good times.


Nan Talley said...

Nice blog! Just found you. Looking forward to following your adventures. Just where does one find the tequila?

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