Friday, April 25, 2014

Caballo Lake State Park

We finally got to leave the Deming area. We moved north to Caballo State Park. It was coming onto Easter weekend and was pretty full. We opted to park on the lakeshore near the boat ramp and the parking lot. We enjoyed the view from there.
We took a day trip to check out Elephant Butte State Park. It's about 20 miles above our lake.
The desert is blooming.

Another day we found the dirt road that took us to the other side of the lake. Our rv is in the center.
 When we got back Bob used our winch to tow this car and boat trailer out of the lake.

Another day trip took us to Chloride. At one time there was a population of 3000.

  Got a geocache here at the cemetery
 and a great view of the town.

A soon to be bear rug?
We stopped for dinner in Truth or Consequences and then we meet Luke. He muggled Bob while Bob was signing the log from a geocache at the Jeep. So we told him all about caching and he used our GPS  to return the cache. I think he may be a future geocacher. Hopefully he will put out more in this area.

Another day we went to Hillsboro. 

We had found this quaint cafe in '09 and remembered their delicious Bumbleberry pie. It has 3 kinds of berries, apple, peach and rhubarb. Didn't get a picture of it but take our word for's delicious. Before the pie Bob enjoyed a green chili cheeseburger while Donna had squash soup and a turkey sandwich.

This gentleman, Stretch, was at the next table and he was chatting with us then joined us at our table. His family history goes way back into the 1800's here in this area. He has Apache and Spanish heritage. Told us many a story of the area, his family and himself.

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Phyllis said...

Even a desert has Spring blooms. Pretty.