Sunday, April 27, 2014

Elephant Butte State Park

We have a beautiful site here at Elephant Butte State Park. It's near the city of Truth of Consequences. Our neighbors were Bob & Marlene and Barbara who we first met at Rockhound State Park. We had a couple of happy hours with them and other's we met here.
We visited the museum in town.
Donna came around the corner and spotted this statue. She thought it was the man we had met in Hillsoboro. 
We went for a wonderful soak at one of the many hot springs. 

There were 5 tubs rangeing from 107 to 97. 
Another day we went exploring and came to the Spaceport. Got this shot at the gate but the tours cost $50 each so didn't do that. Eventually you can take a flight from here to outer space. Can you imagine what that will cost. It's privately run and has vertical & horzonital launch pads. Kind of looks like sunglasses.

 Another town we visited was Hatch. It's the Chili capital. Donna spotted this large snake.
 And Bob spotted Sparky's the best place for a Green-chili cheeseburger.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Is that a real snake? !?