Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Long Day Exploring.

Out and about exploring north of us. Geocaching along the way we came to some wonderful places. This area runs along the El Camino Real along the Rio Grande river. It was the "trade route" from Mexico City, MX to Albuguerque, NM for thousand of years by native tribes. This was a huge statue that commerates that. The brown represents the mountains and the green the river.
 We toured the remains of Fort Craig.
Then it was onto Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.
Winter is the best time to see all the waterfowl and bald eagles but we did manage to see some birds. It was hard to catch some pictures.
 Our stomachs were beginning to want Linner so we tried this restaurant in San Antiono.
 Bob rated this Green Chili Cheeseburger as not as good as the one at Spanky's in Hatch.
 On the way we thought we saw Elvis.
 There was a sign out by I-25 that told of this Rock House so off we went to see it.
The rest of the way home we geocached on the north end of Elephant Butte Lake and saw other campgrounds. Think we like the one where we are.

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