Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Santa Rosa Plus

May 15. We moved up the road to our next NM State Park. We have been here before in 2009. We have a great view of Santa Rosa lake.
We take day trips around the area when it's too windy to sit outside and read. We went into the town of Santa Rosa one day. It's on Old Rte 66. Bob was in need of some new T-shirts of that Rte so we stopped at the Historic Car Museum.  A neat car in the lot. 
 We continued on south about 10 miles to this historic/almost ghost town. Puerto de Luna.
Another day we wanted to check two other state parks west of us to see if we wanted to go there. Villanueve was a definite do not go to. Pretty place for smaller rigs. Very steep into a canyon with no cell service for 10 miles. But we did see this pretty twisty tree.
Then it was on to Storrie lake where our friends Bob & Marlene are parked and were busy fishing, cleaning and eating rainbow trout.

 The next morning we had a visitor pecking at our mirrors.
Another day trip was in store. We decided to see Sumner Lake. Just before we got there we discovered a Geo-cache. While checking it our our friends Janet & Rod came by. They are staying at the park and we followed them into town for a Senior Center lunch. Never took a picture while in Ft. Sumner. After we left them we found there was a dirt road (most of the way) that would take us to Tucumcari. Along the way we discovered a huge wind generator farm.
 In one of the towns we found a cache and this interesting co-op. Loved the mailbox.
On to Tucumcari. We found our WIN friends parked at the Elk's Lodge. Doug took us in for a cool one. It was very hot outside in the sun and they were about to have their afternoon "Circle". We talked with a local lady and she arranged for them to come inside to a cool room. Saw a few friends, got some hugs then headed out before their meeting.

The Westerfield's, geocaching friends, told us not to miss the Ranch Supply Store.

We even got a hug from the owner's Stella & Jimmy. Found the geocache on site. Jimmy gave us some BBQ pulled chicken to take home. Stopped and found another cache that Tom & Barb put out. They gave us credit for the cache as we were teasing them they were "home". Had a lot of work done on their motorhome and were here so long they made friends.
Bob went into town today and get the car serviced. While there he went back to the RT 66 Museum. Here are just a few of the cars he liked.

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