Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking for Ghosts

Another of our long day's traveling on back roads. Bob wanted to see a couple of ghost towns.
The first one was called Colonas. It was about 10 miles north of the I40. A great view as we approached town.
 Then the town appeared.
 We drove around the streets and we surprised that people still lived there.
There was a Church that may still be used.
  A playground but no school.
 A grave loaded with horse toys.
  How about that Christmas tree. Barbed wire.

Out at the Interstate we saw lots of closed Stuckey's. Donna's dad made her look the on the other side of the highway every time he saw one coming up in the 50's when they did Rt 66 to LA.
 Here we are driving on Rt 66.
 Now we are looking for the second ghost town. The road kept getting narrower.
 Did we mention we geocached. Bob went after one with all these tumble weeds.
 Back home the afternoon t-storm rolled in. It's still pretty.


Barbara and Ron said...

So it was a not so ghostly town.

Suzanne said...

Hi, I just found your blog on an old Top 5 list from Diana's "Life on the Open Road" blog. You commented that rafting the Grand Canyon was one of your favorite things. I would like to read more about this, but I do not find a search box on your blog. Could you please tell me what month in the archives I might look under to find these rafting posts, if any? Thanks! Suzanne