Monday, May 26, 2014

More, more, more

MORE friends. We met Barb & Tom Westerfield & Nancy Kissack at the "Ranch" in Tucumcari for lunch. Check out Barb's 1# stuffed potato.
After leaving them we went caching. Found one we couldn't find the other day and also Bob spotted this horney toad.
MORE wild life at caches on the way to Conchas Lake. This was a female red-tailed hawk. The name of the cache was "Crow's Nest" but this was the next we found.
MORE lakes. Concha Lake we found a cache by the dam. We forgot to take any pictures of the lake. While there was a lot more water in it then we saw it in 2009 we still won't camp there as no cell service.
 More ghost towns. Cuevro. It's still occupied tho.
MORE caches. This was a virtual at the Blue Hole. It's a deep hole putting out 3,000 gals a minute at a constant 62 degrees. People scuba dive. It's 85' deep. They have to decompress when heading back to Albuquerque because of the altitude changes.
There were interesting critters. This one has a pretty colar.
How about a double rainbow over our rig. It went all the way to the earth on both sides but we didn't find the pot of gold.

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