Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stories at Storrie Lake

May 29. Our time was up so we moved along to Storrie Lake. We pulled into our site so we could see the lake out of the windshield. 
We even had one out the side window.

Friends of our were next door. Peter & Carolyn who we met thru the WIN's.

We went to town the next day. Stopped at a visitor center and the docent told us about
May 31. With the weekend there were "campers" next to us with lots of little kids so it was time to get away. We took a drive up to Coyote Creek Campground to check it out. Nice enough campground but it would mean a bad road north from there.

Along the way we saw these beautiful fields of wildflowers.
Of course, we geocached and it took us to this pretty mill. Didn't find the cache.
 Off in the distance were snow covered peaks. Little did we know we would be going up there.
After a brief stop at Angle Fire it was time to head back. You know we can't take the same way so it was up, up up to 10,800. Along the way we saw the Aspens new leaves.
 A little snow.
 Some pretty scenery.
We came upon a place where a Durango had slide off the road. It took over 1 1/2 hours to get two trucks to pull it out. Luckily we didn't arrive until there was just 15 minutes left. We got to visiting with the Jeep ahead of us and then followed them out.
 Saw a small waterfall coming toward the road.
 We did get into some mud.
 George & Jimann were the couple we followed out. Nice to meet them.

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