Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to Storrie Lake

We returned to Storrie Lake State Park on August 7th for a 2 week stay. When we arrived there wasn't anybody at the area we liked so we ended up with a beautiful site.
Donna had an appointment right after we got there with a dentist and she had an abscess tooth that had to be pulled a couple of days later.

We took a couple of day trips to geocache. This was on Johnson's Mesa. Cool at the higher elevation of 10,000 feet.
Along the way we got to see Hermit's Peak.

One day we returned to Mora and our favorite diner "Rene's 50's Diner" to meet Tony and Karl who were staying in Taos. Had a lovely visit.
We went to Peco's and drove route 63 up thru a valley to Cowles. Grabbed a few caches on our way back. There was a cloud burst on our way up and water was rushing over the roads and we really got muddy. But on the way back it was sunny and beautiful.
Another day trip was into the Santa Fe National Forest. We started at Bernal near Starvation Peak. Settlers were chased to the top and then starved to death. Hence the name.

On our way back we discovered this very small cafe for sale. But since we don't want to work we won't buy it.
 Our next stop Santa Rosa Lake.

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