Thursday, August 07, 2014

Santa Fe Stay

We left our beautiful site at Abiquiu and headed south to Santa Fe. This was the river south of the dam of Abiquiu Reservior.
Nearing Santa Fe there is this interesting rock formation called Camel Rock. Across the street is the Camel Rock Casino.
While waiting for Bob's friend from Ohio we went geocaching. This was an interesting one. Donna spotted it from the car and Bob was standing right by it.
We stopped in the almost ghost town of Stanley for a cache called Stanley Ground Zero. It was a difficult one to find and we didn't.
 We looked and looked all around this house. There were many decoy caches.

 Bob's friend arrived and we went to breakfast with him and his sister Sandy.
After breakfast we went back down to Stanley with a clue given to us by the cache owner. We told them we were coming and after finding it quickly they invited us in and we had a wonderful chat for about 1 1/2 hours. They gave us clues for other caches we hadn't found on our way down so on our way back we cached and found almost 30 that afternoon.

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