Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More Panhandle

Our next stop was planned for Big Spring. We decided to stop at the town of Lamesa and used their city park for free for 4 nights. We had great neighbors. George & Lois who just started full timing one month ago and then Howard who is also a full timer. We filled them in on how to do it since we were the longest.
We took a day trip to Midland and Odessa. We wanted to see about 3 or 4 museums and because it was Sunday only one was open and due to remodeling only 1/2 of it was open.

We first stopped at the residence of Bush's.
Then it was onto the Petroleum museum. 

At first it too was closed because the guy hadn't come to turn the lights on. Just as we were turning around to leave he arrived.
We first saw these "gem rocks".
Then it was a little bit about the oil wells. Mostly paintings.
 And a lot of racing cars that use that petroleum.
 Outside we could drive a loop and see other type of derricks/pumps.
We drove to Big Springs to pick up our mail and Bob wanted to see this museum but guess what? It was closed too.

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