Friday, October 03, 2014

Museum Day in Lubbock

We spent a day in Lubbock to see several museums. The first was the American Wind Power Center. When we got out of the car we noticed this tire cover on an RV. 
We met the couple on our way out. They are from Australia and spend 6 months a year in their home on wheels in the US.

There were displays inside and outside. 

 When installing windmills the workers have come across these.
 There were murals of windmills.
 Outside there was this interesting windmill from Virginia.
The next museum we didn't really go to. We were looking for a geocache and found these interesting rusty tractors at the Museum of Agriculture.

Our next stop was.
Next store was the Allison House. It was Buddy Holly's drummer's home and they composed many songs there.
Bob's father played drums and once even played with the Glenn Miller Band. So, he had to try them on for size.
Pictures weren't allowed in the Buddy Holly museum but we spent a couple of hours looking at the displays and watching a movie.

We went to the Triple J restaurant  next door for lunch.
The next stop was the Silent Wings museum. It tells the story of the U.S. Military Glider Program and its role in WW11.

Outside was this plane which would tow the gliders to where they were launched.
Inside was a large glider along with a lot of other stuff and a movie.
Back at home we looked again for the geocache near our RV. Didn't find it and requested a hint form the cache owner. He came over and checked to be sure it was still here and visited with us for a couple of hours. Geocaching takes us to interesting places and now we can say it brings us nice people too.

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Kevin Lehmann said...

Love the tire cover, how true it Caprock as well as Palo Duro Canyon can be quite the surprise.