Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lake Conroe, First Week

Nov. 12th we moved to Lake Conroe. 
The leaves are changing.
 Donna lived nearby before the lake. 1970-74.
We took a drive to find her house. The area is really big stores and businesses on a 4 lane road where it used to be just a small heavily forested 2 lane road. 

 The couple who bought it from her are still there. They invited us to visit them and took Donna on a tour of the inside. Changed a lot due to a flood and the rebuilding of the inside.

We went out to dinner several times with Greg & Jan. They are between us. The others were Gregg & Lynette and Arlene.
Greg is a very handy man and came to help Bob repair our electric after Donna put too much of a load on the system and virtually wiped it out.
 We took a day trip back to Livingston one day. Bob had some medications delivered at our mail service so back we went to pick it up. We geocached along the way and got 14. One was at this gun.
 One had been found back in July by our friends Swanie Jack.
 One was at this "BIG" hanging tree.
 It brought us to historic Coldspring.

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