Friday, November 28, 2014

Lake Conroe Part 2

We had to return something at the Fry's Electronic store back in Houston.
Donna called her husband's cousin and he invited us to meet him at his restaurant.
Jim has the Santa beard. And his nephew Phil is the hairless one. :)
 One day there was a knock on our door and old friends showed up.
We went back to the Fish Pond restaurant with them a couple of times.
 Bob Hill and Bobbie Shipplet friends from the WIN's.
The tail of the Bob's went like this. Bob Hill lost the keys to his truck. The truck was unlocked. We all looked around and in the truck. No find. Then we went in and ordered our meal and went back to looking while waiting for the meal to arrived. After we had eaten Bob P drove Bobbie back to their motorhome at the park. She found a key for the MH, went in and got another set of keys for the truck. Meantime Donna and Bob H are visiting and also looking for the keys. When Bob P & Bobbie got back they were outside looking again. Bob H patted his back pocket where his wallet was and guess what he found. He had been sitting on them the whole time. That will be a memorable day.

Thanksgiving was at the clubhouse. The park provided the turkey, ham, potato, gravy and drink for $5 each. Then we were asked to bring a dessert and a dish to pass. Since Donna doesn't cook we bought a pumpkin pie and she heated up 3 cans of green beans. There was so much food. Our pie wasn't even cut so on our way out we gave it to the young men who where serving the meat etc.
While standing in line to be served we met Gary & Mary. She recognized Donna's voice and started chatting. We had first met them in Wachula, FL in 2007 and again in Cottonwood, AZ. Small world. We visited with them all afternoon.
We moved the next day to Colorado River 1000 Trails and they will be coming here on Sunday.

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