Monday, December 15, 2014

Colorado River TT

We moved to not the one in Ohio. 
We drove around town and there are lots of historic homes and big trees in the middle of the roads.
 The courthouse.
 A pretty building.
 Our neighbors were Geary & Mary. There are lots of pecan trees in the park and we watch Mary shell her's. Bob is letting our big bag of them dry first. They are suppose to be sweeter.

 Greg and Jan White came to this park also. So had to go to dinner with them.
 Did we mention there were deer here in the park. We've seen at least 30.
Mary and Geary took us to a classic auto place.
 Then it was on to "Off the Grid" store. Ton's of "stuff" and displays.
Donna found the owner and helped her with the jig-saw puzzle.
 It was in the train room so Bob came in and played with the train set.
 Then we strolled all around the outdoor displays.

They are "off the grid" so in addition to seeing the solar panels Bob checked out their battery bank.
When we got back more friends had arrived Ken & Judy who we first met in Cottonwood's 1000 Trails park.  So it was out to dinner with them. Our last night we all went to dinner at LaGrange at a seafood restaurant. We talked so much we all had take home boxes.

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