Saturday, February 21, 2015

KOFA Kamping

We moved back to our Kofa Ko-op lot on Feb 8th. Spent one night in dry camp before the people on our lot where kind enough to move to another. Thank you, Colleen and Mark.
On arrival there was a chili cook off going on and we all helped judge. 
Our friends Kay & Tom just became leaseholders here.

They invited us to go to another rv park to hear their friends "Laughing Bird" (Tupolo & Janey) preform. Awesome preformance and we had seats right in front. Check out their You-Tube preformance.
 Every Wednesday we go to the movies then out to dinner with our "Boomer" group.
 The annual board meeting was held. It was the shortest in history.
 Most nights we played cards with Dick and Dorothy.

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