Sunday, March 01, 2015

Kofa Kamping Part 2

Our friends Audrey and Gary Wyatt and Bill and Esther Goodchild from Salem came to Yuma from Mesa, AZ. 
We gave them the "Grand Tour" of the area.

We met them at Lute's Casino for lunch after they had toured the Territorial Prison.
The next day we attended church at our clubhouse.
The member's either donated products or cash to Crossroad's Mission. We collected quite a bunch.
After church we took them to Los Algodones, MX
The first thing was to get Donna's hug from Israel who had taken her to the dentist last month.

After wandering around the vendors etc. It was time for a margarita and a bite to eat. 

Then it was a stop at the Q Casino for some gambling.
The next day we met them for breakfast then it was off to the Cloud Museum.

Next stop was 
where we all got a date shake.
Another day Bob and Tom attended the Air Show at the Marine 
They were in awe of this truck with 3 jet engines, 360 mph.

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