Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rally after Rally

March 3rd. Chapter 7 had a rally near Quartzsite at mm 99. 7 Rigs showed up.
Bob had added the Air-Tabs to the back of the coach and it really improved the handling of the MH.
Our next rally was at Tucson's Pima County Fairgrounds. March 7-12.
We were parked with the Boomer group (BOF). Happy Hours most days.
We gathered several times at the big hall and attended seminars.
The founder of the Escapees, Kay Peterson spoke at the opening ceremonies.
 There was the parade of flags, both Chapters and BOF's 
 Our favorite entertainer's the Rivoli's were there.
 Bob volunteered to drive a golf cart to transport the attendee's.
We went out to eat at Hot Rod's. While eating we could watch worker's restoring cars and bikes.
We saw lots of our friends and made a lot more. Attended many seminars. Coffee and donuts every morning at one of the halls and shopped the market place. Chapter Row was a great way to check them out and see our friends there. We also volunteered to make popcorn but when we arrived they were out of oil so we got the job of cleaning up the booth.


Barbara said...

We really liked the Rivolis too. I guess they're at all the Escapades. That Hot Rods looks interesting.

Gary & Audrey said...

The Ravoli's are good!
Been a few years since we have seen them.