Saturday, May 02, 2015

More Texas....?

We returned to the Colorado River Thousand Trails. We had been here the end of November for a couple of weeks. We came to meet our friends Kathy & Tom Jenson who we met in WA 3 years ago and convinced them to go fulltime. 

While here Donna's grandson J.T. came to visit on his birthday. He and Chad were on their way to Galveston. Had a great visit.
We had a lovely site and we saw deer and fawns behind us several times.
Other critters we saw were a piliated woodpecker
and a bobcat.
Out geocaching one day we came across this old courthouse and jail.
Mary and Geary Johnson who we met in November also came. They brought their nut cracker and Bob finally cracked all the pecans he gathered here in November.
All of us went to dinner at Dos Cabos one evening before we all went in different directions.

When we left we stopped at Lake Conroe 1000 Trails for one night, then to Rainbow's End Escapee Park in Livingston. We got our mail and the next morning after a pancake breakfast at the Care Center we drove across Louisiana and the Mississippi River to the Moose Lodge at Natchez.