Friday, May 08, 2015

Natchez Trace to Tupelo

We crossed the Mississippi River on the bridge at Natchez. 
Stayed at the Moose Lodge and visited Under the Hill. Very pretty right on the river.
Saw Melrose Plantation.
We took a day trip and drove about 40 miles up the Trace.
Stopped at Mount Locust a restored plantation and historic stand on the Trace.
The Natchez Trace is the longest National Park. It is 444 miles long. It was used as a trail for Indians first, then the Kaintucks from the Ohio River Valley. They would float their boats down the Mississippi River with their goods, sell them and the boat and walk back up to the Ohio River as the current was too swift to paddle up river. They would stay at these "Stands" overnight for 25 cents plus a meal was extra.
The Indians built these mounds for burial and ceremonies.
We stayed at the Moose Lodge in Natchez and our last day there a WIN Circuit came to stay. Had a nice visit with our old friends.
We moved up the Trace 54 miles to Rocky Spring Campground. It's free but heavily wooded.
We went to the townsite that once had 2600 people.
All that was left was a church.
Bob liked this tree. It was hugging him.
We took a drive to Vicksburg while here.
Toured the Coke-Cola Museum.
Soda pop got it's name because when the cork was pulled from the soda bottle it popped.
Very decorative soda fountain. The coke flavor was added to carbonated water to create the drink.
 While out and about we met Sandra whose husband was biking the Trace. She was interested in our lifestyle so we invited her back to our "home".
 We left and moved up the road to Jeff Busby Campground.
 It was a bit woodsy also.
Along the way we stopped at the Ross Barnett Reservoir overlook for a bite to eat.
It was just a little north of Jackson on the Trace.
 Continuing on we moved off the Trace a bit to Piney Cove Corp Of Engineer park about 40 miles north of Tupelo.

 Had a nice view of the lake. Visited with neighbors then watched a couple of video's.
We again as per the other campgrounds had no cell service, internet or tv reception.
Our journey on the Trace will continue with the next blog.


Barbara said...

I've always wanted to travel the Trace. I've only seen a bit of it. Sounds great.

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