Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back Home in Ohio...part one

We returned to our home town. Salem, Ohio
On arrival we parked at the Eagles Aarie and immediately knew why we had left.
It was raining and we had to wait a half hour just to unhook the Jeep to go to Donna's daughter's for a spaghetti dinner. 

Our first week was very busy visiting with family, friends and co-workers. So busy we forgot to take pictures.

We went to Bob's son Wayne's home and unloaded a bunch of tools and a few of Donna's needlework pieces. Out to dinner with them, too. It was a great afternoon.

Donna went out with her 3rd floor retired co-workers from the hospital
 Then it was over to her daughter's for dinner and to cuddle with her great-granddaughter.
 We stopped by Bob's old house and also visited with neighbors.
 One day it was breakfast at Bill and Esther's. They also are RVer's but still have the stick built.
 The same day was lunch with Bob's sister, Penny and her husband Paul.
 While Bob was out visiting ex co-workers Donna enjoyed a visit at the motorhome with her daughter Tracy and her husband's cousin Jo Carol.
One evening there was a birthday party at the Aarie for Tim the trustee who said we could park here.
 A barbecue at Kristin. Donna's granddaughter's.
Kristin, Katie and Terri her daughter.
 A nice visit and lunch out with John & Cynthia (Bob's co-worker)
 And with Marian who was Donna's neighbor.

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