Friday, June 19, 2015

More Ohio.....

Our home at the Eagles Aarie in Salem. See there were blue skies.
Most of the time it looked like this outside.
One evening Bob invited friends, relatives and co-workers to come to the Aarie for a party.

One night we took Donna's daughter Terri and grandson Cody to dinner and while we were waiting Joe and Penny Judge walked in and sat with us.
 Maryanne Pieren who worked with Donna came by for a visit.
We moved 8 miles away to Bob's friend, JimElder's home and workshop.
Just after we got there Bob's brother-in-law Karl came by for a visit and had a cuppa coffee.
 When Jim came home we set up and then the work began. Bob helped and they tore the dinette out to move it 6" away from the wall.
 This shelf unit was added so we could get our stuff off the seats.
Now there isn't anything on the seats or on the table to remove when we want to play cards.
Next they started on the couch. We have never had anyone sleep on the hide-a-bed and that was a waste of storage space.
 A box was created under it and we can store our games there. We even can find our card shuffler.

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