Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Las Vegas Here We Come

We left Cottonwood on the Oct. 19th. The desert heading up to Hoover Dam.
We spent 1 night at the Elk's and 3 nights at the Freightliner Service Center at North Las Vegas. The coach had a going over from top to botton and front to back. All set for Alaska.

We drove around Las Vegas and visited with Karl and Maryann in Boulder City. We checked out the refurbished campground at Boulder Beach on Lake Mead.

When we were done with the Freightliner we headed to Las Vegas Bay campground on  Lake Mead. Chuck Bothwell and Karen Lesco were camped there and we wanted to spend some time with them.
We had a lovely view.

 Enjoyed watching the quail strut their stuff.
 Happy hours were always happy and Janet Henry was nearby so she came to one as did Mark Cotter.
We went to Fremont Street one night with Chuck and Karen also.
While there Bob worked on cleaning the K&N filter. What was suppose to take a couple of hours took more like 8 and Chuck had to come over and help.

When we left there heading to 1000 Trails in Las Vegas we heard a loud pop and couldn't get the engine to go faster than 15mph uphill. We stopped at the Elk's Lodge in Henderson and took apart the bed again to get to the engine where a hose had come loose. Bob quickly repaired it and we were on our way again. Stayed tuned for our Las Vegas Adventure.

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