Friday, November 06, 2015

Las Vegas Fun

Our stay at the 1000 Trails in Las Vegas was great fun. We arrived on Oct 26th. Not much happened the first few days. We read and did routine chores like laundry.

Bob invited his sister, Gayle from Ft. Myers, FL to come and visit. He put her up at the Boulder Station a few blocks from us.

On Halloween we took her for a tour of Valley of Fires State Park.
In the evening we went to Fremont Street. 
Had dinner at the 4 Queens.
 Then we walked the streets looking at all the Halloween costumes.
This couple caught our "eye". Check out theirs. Spooky.
 Doctor Howe Fletersnatch. Say that out loud.

 Then we had to take our shots.
 This guy must have had a headache.
 We took Gayle down to the Ventian Casino.

 She was trying to hit on the statue.

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