Monday, November 16, 2015

Vegging Out

Nov 7th we left Las Vegas not knowing where we were heading except south towards Yuma. Was it going to be Needles? Maybe Bullhead/Laughlin? How about Parker? Well we ended up in Quartzsite at Hi Jolly. It was a Saturday so Donna called our friend Millie to see if our favorite band was playing any where. The Yacht Club had been sold where they would normally play and was shut down. "Yes" they were going to play at 4pm. We quickly set up and headed for town. We met Millie but we couldn't find the band. She called "Chief". A friend who came and we found them. They weren't going to start until 6 pm. We went back home for dinner and never went back out.

The next day we went out to grab a few geocaches that were near us then we went down to the long term area to visit with our friends Jim and Barb Denning. We had gotten a text message that Kay and Tom Seliskar were headed our way and when we got home sure enough, they were there. We had a great visit with them and played Pegs and Joker's each evening. The girls won but we did let the guys win a game or two.

Our last day in Quartzsite we visited with them and their friends Pat & Linda Jenkins. We took off geocaching a long run. Due to the heat of the summer and other reasons several of them were missing. We did meet some other caches while out on that run.

On Nov. 10th we headed to the Chapter 7 Rally on Ogilby Rd. in California. The first day there was only 3 rigs. The 6 of us had a nice visit. The next day two more rigs came and we sat out of the wind by our patio door. What patio, just desert. Our last day was the annual meeting. Donna acted as secretary. One more couple drove out from Kofa just for the meeting. Without a quorum for the second time we decided to disband the"Chapter". End of meeting.

Everyone left the next day but we stayed on as we weren't able to get on our lot at Kofa yet. We vegged, we geocached, we watched TV, we read. We had a beautiful sunset.

Sunday the 15th we headed out to Yuma. We stayed at the Paradise Casino. After unhooking we headed out to get groceries and fuel. After fueling we decided to head to the VFW to do a little dancing and visit with friends. The first person we saw was Sharie. She was with us the day we met. Always good to get hugs from our friends. Handlebar Jim, Jo Bada, Shirley Bradley were all there too as was bashful John. We had a nice visit then we hit Walmart for our supplies before heading home. In the evening it rained. That messes up our TV so we watch a DVD of the Outlander series.

The next day we called Kofa and our lot was empty a day early so we moved into "home"

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