Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bryce Canyon Day Trip

The next day May 2nd we drove the 60 miles north to see Bryce Canyon.
It was Donna's 57th wedding anniversary and all we saw was 
"More Red Rock". (that's what her husband thought & said about the west.
This was on our way on Rt. 12.

We first stopped at Sunset Overlook.

We then drove clear to the far end 18 miles to Rainbow Point.

There was snow there and it even spit a few flakes while there.

On our way back to the entrance we stopped at several viewpoints.

Here was the bridge.

While there we connected with Trish & Bob via text messages and met them at Ruby's Inn for our "Linner". That what we call the meal half way between lunch & dinner. We met them though RVillage, a website for rver's. 

On our way back home we came upon about 2 inches of slush. Bob had to try to remember how to drive in it again.


Barbara said...

Can you sense us following you?

SD Gunner said...

Hey guys,

I enjoyed your photos and wanted to ask you how pulling a jeep wrangler is working for you. I plan on getting a 2010 Monarch Monaco diesel pusher (or something similar) to pull my 2012 JKU 4 door Jeep. If you can contact me either on FB at Gunner Peterson or my email sandiegogunner@gmail.com

I am just wondering if I should or need to get a different tow vehicle.

I'm still working and plan on retiring in Spring of either 2018,2019 or 2020!!! I plan on living the RV lifestyle fulltime or perhaps having a homebase in Arizona somewhere.


Eric :)

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