Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Zion NP Day Trip

We did a day trip to Zion National Park on May 1st.

This formation is called the Checkerboard.

Very pretty scenery driving the along roads.

We road the shuttle from the visitor's center clear to the end where the Narrow's are.
We hiked the narrows and other places on another trip there so didn't do it this time.

We came across a gentleman using chalk to paint this waterfall.

We stopped and visited Connie and John Parker again. They had just settled in for a few days.

We thought this maybe the extent of the wild life but we were wrong.

When you see people pointing and cars pulled over you stop.
We got to see 12 mountain goats including babies.

Out of the park on our way home we spotted a herd of buffalo. They weren't wild.

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