Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Continuing On to Smither's and the Hazleton's

May 24
As we were continuing on we stopped at Houston and Bob tried his luck fishing with this pole.
 He did catch a glimpse of this bear in the Visitor Center.
 We headed up toward a geocache and Donna posed by this totem.
 Here was a pretty fountain and Bob is looking for the cache.

Our next stop was at Smither's. We parked at the Visitor's Center and took the Jeep up to see the 
Twin Falls.
 After fueling up the motorhome we continued on to New Hazleton.
There was a visitor center that said no overnight parking but we did anyway.
There was this vendor there who was selling fish and chips so we didn't even have to cook dinner.
 While Bob napped Donna was watching the rainbows.
 The next morning we toured "The Hazeltons". 
Three towns very close together. Hazelton, New Hazelton and South Hazelton.

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