Saturday, May 21, 2016

Prince George and Burns Lake

May 21st
We headed up the road to Prince George and just spent one night at the Moose Lodge.
It was in a neighborhood with a school nearby so they didn't have a club where we could go in.
May 22nd
 We continued on to Burn's Lake and stayed at their municipal park.
Donna had stayed here on her trip in 2005, even remembered what site she stayed on.
We had a very pretty parking spot overlooking the lake.

Our rear camera fogged up from the humidity and we can't see the Jeep being towed.
Bob took Donna's hair dryer out and tried to fix it but it fogs up again.
We met some local people who come to play. Bob got to ride around with the fellow.
Josephine and her dog were here most everyday. In fact she jump started the Jeep when it wouldn't start after we pulled in. Cory and her want to RV someday so we invited them in to see our's.

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