Thursday, June 16, 2016

Alberta Here WE Come

We left BC just a little bit after Dawson Creek and came to Alberta.
 One of the first towns was Beaverlodge and they go all out with this statue.
 A brief stop for fuel in Grand Prairie and we were off toward Edmonton.
It was getting late and Bob was tired. Donna spied a casino and we whipped in.
Security said we could stay the night.
We met this nice couple, John & Wendy, who go to Yuma in the winter but live up here.
We got a Player's card and got "all you can eat foot long hot dogs and chili" for dinner. Free.
The next morning with our card we got breakfast free, eggs, pancakes, bacon and coffee.

All stuffed we headed out to the Moose Lodge in Edmonton. It was no longer there. 
The land was all cleared for several acres. Maybe a future housing development.
Donna quick found the Costco where Bob could get his hearing aids fixed.
And these wonderful girls, Teri and Anne did a great job. They cleaned his aides and gave him some extra parts to clean them himself. His hearing aides are so good now that he can hear Donna. He hasn't been able to in a looooong time.

We pulled out of Costco and move across the parking lot to the Yellowhead Casino lot.
That afternoon we went to the Edmonton Mall. It once was the continents largest mall. It has over 800 stores and restaurants. 

The whale outside Sears.

 It was two stories.
 Had an amusement park.

Flowers and waterfalls. 
 A hockey rink.
 We stopped for FOOD.
 Continued on to the Santa Marie. It's used for private parties.

 Then it was onto the "beach". An indoor waterpark and it sure makes waves.

 It was a noisy night from the hi way behind us.
The next morning we headed downtown to see the Royal Canadian Museum.
Lots of construction in town. Got lost, asked for directions two times and finally arrived only to discover it has been closed since December. Got these two pictures tho. 

On the way back home we stopped at a liquor store. Then hitched up and headed out.
Planned to stay at the Moose Lodge in Red Deer but it must have closed. The town is huge. We filled up with fuel and continued on. The turn outs were too small to overnight and it was a four lane busy highway. Donna discovered a Walmart off the main road by 5 miles so here we are for the night. Planning the rest of our trip. It will be a lot shorter than we had originally planned and we'll probably be back in the US by mid July.

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