Monday, June 13, 2016

Fort St. John and Dawson Creek

We continued on our journey and heading out Bob noticed the MH acting up when we went up steep grades. It cut way back. At first we thought it was bad fuel. We stopped in Ft. St. John at a CAT place and they wouldn't work on it. They sent us to a Freightliner dealer and we arrived just as they were closing. Bob bought the required filters and planned to change them himself. We parked at the Walmart overnight. He bought new windshield wipers and replaced them. 
The more Bob thought about it the more he was sure the filters should be done by the Freightliner people as they would be able to dispose of the fluids. Around 3 we left Walmart and stopped to wash the motorhome before going and parking at the Freightliner parking lot so we would be first in line in the morning. Before we even got the jacks down Ryan pulled in as the power had gone out in town and he wanted to check on the place. Bob told him why we were there and he stayed and showed Bob how to do it and they did it. He then said we could go ahead and spend the night.

In the morning we headed out to Dawson Creek. Mile marker 0 on the Alcan highway.
We pulled into Mile "0" Campground as we needed WiFi and a laundry. Plus a geocache.
After doing laundry and Facebook etc. We drove into town and did the tourist thing.
 A statue of a surveyor.

We toured Alaska Highway House and spotted this Jeep.
There was a geocache right next to it.

We then went out to eat at a 50's diner and came home.

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