Saturday, June 11, 2016

Onto Laird Hot Springs

Leaving Whitehorse we headed to the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, YT.
Bob put up our sign.

 Then we had someone take our picture.
 Then Bob went around and checked out other signs. He liked this one. Donna went geocaching.
We had a bite to eat, saw the Northern Light show and we tried to find a place to park for the night.
Bob said it would be light for awhile longer so we continued on.

Saw lots of wild life.
 Scenic beauty.
 Wild buffalo herds

Wanted to park where Donna had parked across the street from Laird Hot Springs but now they want $27 to park overnight and it would include using the springs. Being cheap we continued on about 4 miles and found this wonderful turnout. Quiet and beautiful and another herd if buffalo.

The next morning we went back to the day use part of the parking lot at the hot springs and took the car into the park across the road. $10 for both of us. We enjoyed about an hours soak.

Then we continued east. Mucho Lake was beautiful.
 We followed along it for quiet awhile and stopped to take pictures.

The next area was along a river and we came to "Folded Mountain".
The picture doesn't do it justice. All the layers were on a slant. It had been formed under the Pacific Ocean and uplifted eons ago.

The next batch of wildlife were called "Stone Sheep".
They are big horns but have a different name then the "Dall" sheep because their a different color.
They are molting and there were a couple of babies.

 This was another pretty turn out with the red moss/dead tree and mountain.

We even saw snow.
 We climbed over a huge pass and then we were on the downward side of the Canadian Rockies.

We stopped for a couple of hours near the visitor center in Fort Nelson.
Bob took a nap while Donna put up the last two blogs.
We continued on for fuel, beer and wine and then to a turnout 16 miles south where Donna had stayed in 2005 but of course she doesn't remember it. All this is new to her as Bob is driving and she can looky look instead of watching the motorhome ahead of her and the centerline.

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